"Eliminate Every Tech Obstacle Holding You Back 
With The Secrets & Systems Of The 
Most Sought-After Chief Technology Officer 
To A-Player Entrepreneurs!"
"Eliminate Every Tech Obstacle Holding You Back 
With The Secrets & Systems Of The Most Sought-After Chief Technology Officer 
To A-Player Entrepreneurs!"
Technology will NEVER slow you down again!
What if all of your technology & automated marketing systems were designed and set-up by the "#1 marketing automation expert"?... 
How much more money do you think your business would make you?
Dear Online Entrepreneur,

If you’re frustrated with... slowed-down by... or struggling to implement any piece of your marketing technology, this is going to change everything for you.

Because I’m going to show you a simple, fast way to eliminate all the tech madness... simplify everything... and still have the best, most essential tech powering all of your marketing and automation.

This way...

You see more leads, get more customers, and bank more money... without any more of the tech frustration, annoyance, or hassle. 

You'll be able to blast through whatever tech barriers are holding you back—FAST. 

So you can implement any solution from the most basic landing page to the most elaborate funnel. And make all your tech struggles a thing of the past.

This is your chance to get your business technology in place, ramped up, and firing on all cylinders.

And that’s important. Because when you do…

  • Your business will reach more prospects and convert more sales WITHOUT you working longer and harder...
  • You’ll be able to grow and scale your business and revenue—adding products and services—more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible…
  •  You’ll feel the confidence and security of being fully in control of your business and your life… 
  •  You’ll have more time, more freedom, more money, and more fun!
“Don’t” and “Tech” Are The Two Words That Are Standing in The Way Of The Business You Desire...
  • “I don’t have time to learn and implement all the tech solutions I need…” 
  • ​“I don’t know the right ‘first steps’ I need to take to set up my tech…” 
  • ​“I don’t know how to automate my tech so it actually pays for itself…” 
  • ​“I don’t know what I need to secure my tech so my business doesn't get hacked…”
  • ​“I don’t know how to integrate my tech so it makes scaling easy…” 
  • ​“I don’t know who to trust about tech—everyone has a different opinion…” 
  • ​“I don’t know how to stay on top of all the latest tech developments…” 
If the tech side of marketing online is already holding you back, what do you think is going to happen to your business in the coming months and years?
“Don’t” and “Tech” will never stop you again.
  • ​Whether you’re a total newbie (with no clue where to begin) in search of a step-by-step blueprint to get started… 
  •  Or you’ve got the basics in place, and need to connect it all into a structure that’s scalable and easy to manage… 
  •  Or you’ve got your whole marketing stack dialed in, but you want to stay plugged in to the newest, most advanced solutions without spending hours researching them all… 
Instead you’ll…

  • Understand exactly what you need to conquer any tech challenge no matter how basic or sophisticated.
  • Plan and execute strategies with confidence by using proven, tested solutions that’ll give you the results you want—the first time. 
  • Win the never ending battle of keeping up with the most cutting edge solutions and strategies. So you’ll always be on top of the newest technology and light years ahead of the competition. 
  • ​And finally have the peace of mind that no tech challenge will ever stand in your way again.
Without the Right Technology  
Performing the Right Functions… 
Your Business is DEAD in the Water!
Implementing the right tech solutions is the key to every successful business. 

And yet for many, it’s also become the single biggest barrier to starting and growing their businesses.  

Maybe you’ve experienced some of that frustration…  Only a few years ago all you needed was a landing page and way to communicate with your market.  

Today the tech demands of running a business have literally exploded. 

Just knowing what you need is a big enough hurdle. 

But the problem doesn’t stop there.
To be really successful today you need: 
  •  Technology for advertising to get your brand and message in front of your prospective market
  •  Technology to manage your content to deliver the right messages to your prospects
  •  Technology to handle the growing demands of social media
  •   Technology for your inventory and sales to automate delivery and fulfillment.
  •  Technology for data management to make sense of all the data you collect.
  •  And finally technology to manage your business – to run the nuts and bolts of your day-to-day tasks.

Finding the right solutions for all these needs can make your head explode because… 

It Causes You Instant Paralysis...
The one thing most struggling marketers have in common? They're stifled by marketing tech.
That’s why you constantly feel confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

That’s why you’re stuck, never making any progress.

That’s why you waste so much time looking for solutions you can never seem to find.

That’s why even thinking about technology gives you a headache.

Because you’re forced to deal with things you don’t understand (but can’t succeed without)

You’re trapped trying to do the tasks you never signed up for when you started your business.
If you’ve ever felt any of that, believe me, you are not alone!

Technology is such a huge barrier to success that it can kill a business before it ever gets off the ground.

But the good news is you can now solve the tech riddle and get the right tools you need in place…
Can You Grow Your Business by 2x… 4x…
or Even More?
With the right technology working for you, your business can grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Because it lets you get into your prospect’s head and understand their interests and deepest desires.

It lets you send them the right messages at the right time.

So you can connect, bond, build a relationship and then follow up with your most irresistible offers.

It lets you automate the execution of everything from your first marketing messages to sales and fulfillment—24/7.

But the problem is, business owners simply can’t fill that technology bill on their own anymore.

Today finding and implementing the technology that can grow your business by multiples requires deep, specialized knowledge.

Today, you need someone who knows technology backward and forward. 

Someone who understands the ins and outs of software solutions and all the details necessary to put it all together into a seamless system.

You need someone who eats sleeps and breathes technology. 
Who lives to build solutions for any tech problem.

But getting that kind of help meant spending tens of thousands of dollars to hire  consultants or build a team.

Until now…

No Matter Where You’re At…
Your Future Success Begins Right Now
Right now I want to show you how to eliminate all your tech challenges (without breaking the bank).

No matter where you are on the technology spectrum, this will be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for!

If you’re a raw newbie who’s stuck with no idea where to start…
Imagine the thrill of finally clicking the “Go” button that turns your technology live.

Imagine when the clicks and opt ins finally start rolling in… When your list starts to grow like you always dreamed… When interested prospects start reaching out and engaging with you… And you start ringing up sales without breaking a sweat…

Of if you’ve already got the basics in place…
Think how great it will be to finally tie all your tech together. To have all the right components, working seamlessly to execute your most ambitious marketing strategies. 

So you can grow, scale and reach more prospects with more products and offers. 
And start converting them to customers by the busload…

And even if you’ve got your whole technology game together…
Imagine the fastest and easiest way to finally stay plugged into all the most cutting edge tech solutions and strategies on the market. 

Without taking time away from your other priorities.
No matter what your needs, one man has discovered a way to solve them all…

Meet the Man Who’s Going to
Change It All for You—Teddy Garcia
You may have never heard of Teddy, but some of the best known marketers, authors, speakers, consultants and coaches in the world have.
He’s been the “secret tech weapon” behind some of the biggest business and marketing superstars including:
  • ​Legendary business consultant Jay Abraham…
  • Branding expert and best selling author Sally Hogshead…
  • Direct response marketing legend Dan Kennedy…
  • ​Motivational speaker and star of TV’s “Secret Millionaire” James Malinchak…
  •  Investment advisor and multi-best selling author Robert G. Allen…
  •  World renown business strategist and coach Rich Schefren… 
  •  “List-building King” of online marketing Tellman Knudson and…
  • ​International healer, speaker and performance coach Dr. Bradley Nelson…
…just to name a few.
Frank Kern & Mike Koenigs
Kevin Harrington
Dean Graziosi
& Brendon Burchard
Steve Forbes
Perry Marshall
Ray Kurzweil
Dan Kennedy
Rich Schefren
Jay Abraham
Russell Simmons
James Malinchak
& Jack Canfield
Yanik Silver
Sally Hogshead
New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker & CEO of How To Fascinate Inc.
Teddy isn’t simply a code and software geek… he’s a digital marketing ninja.
Unlike other tech-types, Teddy knows more than just software.
He’s a bonafide direct response and online marketing expert too.

He’s been coached by the top marketers in the world and attends dozens of marketing seminars every year to stay on top of the most advanced strategies.

But most importantly he has real world experience building hundreds of successful marketing campaigns for some of the biggest marketers in the world who were his private clients.

He's seen behind the curtain of these multi-million dollar companies and understands every online business model out there from coaching to consulting, from webinars to live events and masterminds, from affiliate marketing to PLF launches, from memberships to SAAS and from digital products to physical products.

He's worked in hundreds of niches including: Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Weight Loss & Health Supplements, Real Estate, Coach & Speaker Training, Event Planning, Firearms,  Chiropractic, Cancer Treatment, Personal Development, Transformation and Healing, Business Coaching, Life Planning, Software, Investing, Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency, Travel, Relationship and Sex Education, Thought Leadership, Divorce, Hand Reading, The Ennegram, DJ Services, Clothing & Accessories, Fundraising, Charities and Churches, Executive Recruiting, Accounting Services, Bars & Restaurants, Mobile Detailing, Collectibles, Wireless Communications and many more...

He understands persuasion and the triggers that go into creating the very best marketing campaigns…

He knows where you need to look to find your ideal customers and how to drive them to your list…

He understands how to position yourself as the top expert in your field…

He knows how to communicate with your list to nurture prospects and get them to “know, like, and trust” you…

He knows how to structure compelling offers to maximize customer value. (And how to follow-up with buyers and non-buyers alike)…

And he understands how to integrate it all into your tech strategy. 

Mike Caldwell
CEO - The Marketing Medic
Travis Houston
Founder - Product Launchr
Rory Stern
CEO - RFS Digital Media
Shawn Twing
CEO - Barn Door Media
Magdalena Pawlowska
CEO - Insource Marketing Agency
Entrepreneurs, Marketers, CEO's Rave...
“I can tell who's the ‘real deal’ and who's faking it from a mile away and Teddy's the real deal. He's earned his stripes and he'll deliver the goods.”

Jack Born 
Founder of Deadline Funnel
“Teddy is a marketing machine! He's brilliant at what he does and is a master of marketing automation and online marketing strategies.”

Janis Pettit
CEO at 10 x Profit Strategies
“His list of clients is so impressive, it could be the basis for a "Who's Who in Marketing". His clients simply know that he's an essential ingredient for any project's  success.”
Bob Keen
CEO iMember360.com
“Teddy always comes up with elegantly simple and creative solutions to tough marketing and technical problems.”

Manuel Lirio
Head of Direct to Consumer Acquisition, Vantis Life Insurance
“Our business has become streamlined, more aligned with our core values and mission, and efficient since hiring Teddy and his team. They are our 'secret resource' and we are forever grateful…”

Baeth Davis
CEO Hand Analyst Inc.
“Having known him for nearly 20 years now, Teddy's my "go-to" guy. As a marketer, he's second to none and always my first choice. Highly talented and skilled, a strategic thinker who doesn't stop until the job is done.” 
Jon Weiner
“Teddy is extremely knowledgeable, well connected, and knows automated marketing systems, processes, and can help anyone double their business in a few short months. I say that because he's done it time and time again for clients.”
Chris Brisson
CEO Call Loop & Salesmsg
“Teddy Garcia is the only technical expert I've met with such a wide-range of in-the-trenches marketing experience. This is why he's sought after by so many businesses from local business owners... to some of the biggest names in marketing.”
Hans Klein
Owner Hans Klein Copywriting
“Teddy Garcia is a very smart marketer and expert in automation. That's why some of the top marketers on the Internet turn to Teddy when they want the best advice. He combines creativity, experience, and a no-nonsense practical approach that pretty much blows everyone else out of the water.”
Dan Grandstaff
Business and Executive Coach
“Whether it's implementing advanced tools to help me better automate and track my marketing in my business, or helping customize my site to make it much easier to implement and update on a day to day basis, Teddy has always come through…”

Brad Martineau
CEO and Co-Founder Sixth Division / Co-Founder PlusThis
“His unique ability to analyze the needs of the client and develop BOTH a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that generates leads AND a custom website application that's designed from scratch to maximize conversions and automate tedious business processes is truly remarkable.”
Greg Angelillo
Associate Director Online Marketing, 
The Hartford 
“Teddy Garcia is a wizard at making web technology work. His finger is on the pulse of what's working now. Teddy routinely builds entire high-performance online marketing funnels that extract every drop of value from a lead, then easily handles the order process, follow-up, and seamless integration with the most robust membership sites.”
Ken Leonard
Owner, Water’s Edge Marketing 
Unfortunately You Can’t Hire Him...
Even if you could afford him, you can’t hire him. Because he’s our secret weapon here at Marketing Funnel Automation.

Over the past year, he’s only taken on 1 outside project: a 1-day consult that paid him $10,000 (and left the client thrilled).

He just doesn’t have the time.

So if you can’t hire Teddy, why am I telling you about him? Because…

He’s Created a Way for You to
Tap Into All His Years of Experience!
He’s the mastermind behind a radical new concept.

A way to take his 36 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches tech and marketing experience, and deliver it all in one easily-accessible, online resource. So you can…

Easily find the right tech solution for whatever your business needs.

Skip the learning curve and quickly get the step-by-step know-how to implement it fast.

Start seeing your bottom line grow in days instead of weeks or months.

And master all the technology you need!

It’s the only resource of its kind that you can tap into for solutions to whatever tech issues are holding you back…
  • ​Whether you need to set up landing pages and forms and then tie them together with your CRM to build massive lists and automated campaigns…
  • ​Or need answers about getting paid online—whether it’s using merchant accounts for billing and payment processing, or dealing with abandoned carts, declined payments and chargebacks…
  • ​Or need to see exactly how to create membership sites (along with the content that goes in them) that will pay you recurring income…
  • ​Or need to simplify the confusion surrounding marketing “analytics.” So you can finally monitor and optimize your performance for better and better results…
  • ​Or need to find the best solutions for boosting your personal performance, getting more done, more efficiently to save time and money…
Whatever you need, it will give you the ongoing knowledge and guidance to:
  • ​Launch more products and make more money while spending LESS time doing it all
  • ​Track every aspect of your business quickly and easily so you’ll know where to focus your efforts for the biggest profits
  • ​Optimize your operations so you get the biggest possible ROI on your time and money
It’s a solution like nothing else out there.
And it’s going to change the lives of struggling entrepreneurs everywhere…
Your Virtual CTO will demystify everything about the most important aspects of technology for you.

Your Virtual CTO will show you exactly what technology solutions you need for every area of your business.

And then it’ll guide you through choosing and implementing them all to make sure your tech is operating at full throttle.

It’s a comprehensive, yet amazingly simple-to-navigate resource for tapping into all of Teddy’s accumulated years of knowledge and experience.

No matter what technology challenge has you stuck—Your Virtual CTO will show you the best solutions to blast through it. And the fastest way to implement them.

No more spending weeks or months searching for the right solution to your tech problem. Your Virtual CTO makes taking on any size tech projects simple, fast and extremely user friendly.

Because it’s broken down into 4 sections that let you get the answers you need—when you need them:

Section 1 : Your Virtual CTO Tech Trainings…
This is the foundation of everything.
Each month Teddy will review and demo the most essential technology you need to make every part of your business fly like a well oiled machine.

Tools that will let you automate tasks and simplify running virtually every area of your business.

He’ll show you what each solution can do for your business and walk you through exactly how to implement them.

These high-quality videos are accessible on demand whenever you need them. 

They’re continually updated and enhanced as the software they cover evolves.
And they’re organized into 6 logical “tracks” so it’s a snap to find whatever help you need.

Track #1 - The Basics
Covers the basics of technology, how it works—and how to make it work for you.

You’ll get the training you need on topics including:

- Choosing and registering a domain name for your business so you can maximize your SEO potential…

- Setting up your DNS records to ensure your site can be found by anyone searching for you…

- Deciding on the best platform to host your business that offer the best features for the best value…

- Using the tech tools of the trade like landing page builders and CRMs to take all the work out of managing your online presence…

And tons more.

Track #2 - Lead Generation
Covers the lead generation tools you need—one of the most important aspects of growing your business. 

Here you’ll find training videos on a range of topics including:
- Designing and building effective landing pages that attract and engage prospects…

- Integrating opt in forms to capture all the necessary information you need to build and grow your prospect list…

- Optimizing for mobile so you can take advantage of the the fastest growing consumption channel online today…

- Implementing nurturing campaigns so you can seamlessly move the people on your list from names to leads to the point of purchase…

And much more.

Track #3 - Sales & Conversion
These trainings cover the technology you need for the next step in your buyer’s journey—sales and conversion

Here you’ll get detailed instruction on critical topics like:
- Designing and setting up order forms and 1-Click Upsells that make it easy for your customer to buy from you…

- Creating email sequences that lead your prospect to the buy button…

- Integrating merchant accounts to ensure prompt and secure payments no matter what offers you’re testing…

And more.

Track #4 - Product Delivery
Delivers the training you need in all the tools and technology to automate delivery and fulfillment on your offers including:

- Setting up membership sites—everything from managing forums to gamification to maximize engagement and recurring income…

- Creating and delivering course content to keep your customers coming back for more…

- Integrating product delivery systems to take the work out of the most menial—yet critical—tasks in your business…

Track #5 - Tracking & Analytics
Training covers the tracking and analytics you need to see where your business is performing best. (And where it needs work.) 

This track will show you how to:

- Choose and install the best analytics tools for your business so you can gauge your business’ performance at a glance…

- Set up ad tracking so you can measure the return of every dollar you spend…

- Track key metrics to ensure every part of your business is operating at full throttle…

Track #6 - Business Processes
Details all the tools you need to enhance your business processes and make yourself more productive. 

You’ll discover technology to:

- Set up and run an online calendar to streamline your scheduling to be more productive and profitable…

- Automate tasks in Trello to keep moving forward smoothly on any number of projects…

- Manage your email inbox to slash the time you spend reading and acting on one of the biggest time sucks in business…

But Your Virtual CTO membership doesn’t stop at the basics...
There’s practically no area of technology he won’t cover. Each month you’ll get clear breakdowns and explanations of additional software and tools that run virtually every aspect of your business including:
  • CRMs
  •  Landing page builders
  •  Email tools
  •  Ecommerce platforms and tools
  •  Live event tools
  •  Security tools
  •  Image editors
  •  Scheduling tools
  •  SMS (text messaging) tools
  •  Chatbots
  • Survey tools
  •  Content syndication tools
  •  Project management tools
  •  APIs (software, like Zapier, that connect the different areas of your technology)
  •  Video editing tools
  •  Payment processing tools
  •  Customer support tools
  •  SEO tools
  •  And many more…
Section 2: Virtual CTO Deep Dive Strategy Sessions
Understanding software components is only part of the game.

If you want to be really successful, you need to understand how everything fits together.

In his Deep Dive Strategy Sessions, Teddy will explain exactly that.

You’ll look over his shoulder as he dissects the most successful campaigns working today. 

He’ll explain each step that went into making them massive successes. 

He’ll reveal critical, often overlooked details that can make or break a campaign.

He’ll also break down funnel structures and reveal the specific components you need to create a “greased slide” to maximize your customer value for any product or service you offer.

He’ll also show you advanced technology tactics—super-innovative ways to integrate technology into your business for more efficient operation and a more profitable bottom line.

These sessions are where the rubber meets the road.

They’re your planning sessions for designing and building the most killer tech solutions for your business.

Then once you’ve got all that down, it’s time to check out…

Section 3: Your Virtual CTO Process Library…
When it comes to implementing, getting all the details right is more important than most people realize.

Missing one critical step can cause all sorts of chaos in your business.

That’ll never happen to you with your Virtual CTO Process Library.

These checklists and process maps will guide you step-by-step through implementing whatever technology you need so you can:
  • Design and setup your perfect website.
    From choosing the right domain name (to maximize search traffic) to setting up databases and creating great looking pages, you’ll see how to pick the right service providers for everything from hosting, to video, to email.
  • Build membership platforms for recurring revenue.
    You’ll get all the steps; from choosing the best platform for the type of business you’re launching to managing member profiles, to configuring and managing member forums (a vital part of any successful membership site) to gamification strategies to maximize engagement (and your ongoing revenue).
  • Pick the perfect CRM for your business.
    Everything you need to know, from choosing the right CRM to planning and setting up campaigns inside them. These processes cover everything from the emails you need, to “tagging” strategies for the most targeted messaging.
  •  Crush any product launch.
    From generating the initial buzz, to delivering pre-launch content, to working with affiliates, to opening your cart to the biggest crush of buyers possible, these process checklists will make sure any product launch is a success.
  • Process payments without a hitch.
    You’ll get guides covering topics on integrating merchant accounts like Stripe and Paypal and even taking crypto payments to make getting paid fast and easy.
  • Produce flawless webinars that maximize attendance.
    These guides will step you through the different platforms available, the how-tos of registering and confirming attendees, setting up live pages as well as replay pages. So you get the most from all your webinars.
  • Integrate real time analytics in your business.
    Implement Google analytics, Google Tag Manager, UTMs and a host of other tools that will show you exactly how your business is performing.
  • Make outsourcing a snap.
    You’ll get guides that cover how to announce your project spec, steps on interviewing, paying your freelancers and managing all your outsourced activities.
  • ​And tons more…

These guides walk you through everything from the most basic tasks to the most advanced implementations.  And they’ll ensure there are no surprises waiting for you when you go live.
Section 4: Access to Your Virtual CTO Private Slack Group
This is your “go to” resource to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs.

To brainstorm ideas, to share successes (and failures), to ask questions and get feedback, and keep up on the latest developments in marketing technology field. Access to this private Slack group will be your 24/7 mini-mastermind resource.

And of course, Teddy will chime in regularly, answering questions and sharing his invaluable insights.

Add it all up and you can see that with a membership in Your Virtual CTO technology will NEVER hold you back again!
You Can Stop Struggling with Technology
Your Virtual CTO will be your “go to” solution for navigating the tech jungle and staying on the cutting edge of marketing technology.

Now you can get all the answers… all the solutions… all the guidance you need in one place.

Your Virtual CTO is the only solution that will make tech struggles a thing of the past for good.

“…the harder a project appears on the surface, the more "can-do" he gets about it.”

Jeff Williams, CEO and Founder Clinipace Inc. / Director Cathedral Corporation
“Having spent a considerable time in the IT industry, I have resolved myself to the fact that if Teddy Garcia can't fix it immediately then it can’t be done.”
Jim Duffie
Director of Marketing
“Teddy has a unique skill set. He has the ability to balance the technical details with the marketing strategy and comprehend the business aspect of the company.”

James LaCorte
Social Media Manager
Blue Cross Blue Sheild NC
“Teddy has mastered online business & specializes in the end to end solution, right from coding & designing to hosting & marketing”

Sameer Modak
Senior Manager of Strategy
and Planning, Cisco
Your Business Can Absolutely Crush It!
Nail the tech side of your business and the payoffs are amazing! 

With the right technology you can:

  • Launch your campaigns and finally start making money!
    Put an end to all the delays, false starts, and missteps and make your vision a reality. Launch whatever product or service you offer to the world and finally start earning.
  •  Fully automate your entire business
    From placing ads to signing up prospects to scheduling meetings to closing sales and generating repeat business — the right technology lets you put everything on autopilot.
  •  Customize and segment your content
    Never put out boring, generic content again (the fastest way to get ignored today). Instead you’ll deliver the most relevant, most targeted content to the right people at the right time for maximum conversions.
  •  Structure a business that’s designed to scale and grow
    Quickly add products or services to build your your business and grow your bottom line. All without going back to the drawing board to redesign your technology to accommodate every new product.
  •  Earn more by working less and only on what’s important
    Eliminate the trivial $5 per hour tasks that eat up so much of your time today. Instead you can focus on the MOST important work that will grow your business by multiples.
  •  Take full control of your business and your life
    Stop letting your business dictate your life to you. Stop jumping every time there’s a fire that needs to be put out. Your business will finally be working for you.
But that’s not all you’ll get when you join Your Virtual CTO!...
Teddy’s also including 4 massive FREE BONUSES with even 
more resources to help automate and grow your business:
FREE: Your Virtual CTO BONUS #1:
Teddy’s Tech Talks 
These are interviews and presentations from some of the foremost experts in virtually every area of online business.

From business strategy to technology and automation to growth and scaling, their unique insights and innovative strategies and tactics will help grow your business faster than ever.
You’ll hear from the top names in online business including:

Rich Schefren - Perry Marshall - James Schramko - Todd Brown - Ryan Levesque - Tyler Garns - Jack Born 
Jake Hower - Brad Martineau - Chris Brisson - Bryan Franklin - Jeremy Shapiro and many more…

From lead generation to email strategies to surveys… 

From product creation to membership sites… 

From integrating SMS (text) messaging to ramping up your customer service…

…These tech talks will help transform your business into a money making machine.

And they’re all waiting for you when you join Your Virtual CTO.

But we’re not done yet…

FREE: Your Virtual CTO BONUS #2:
Teddy’s Done-For-You Database
This directory of hand picked experts and resources represents Teddy’s years of business experience.

It’s like having access to his personal contact list.

It contains high-level connections he’s made over the years… the best services he’s used over and over again… the proven solutions he relies to build his tech solutions… and much more.

It’s a goldmine of resources you can dig into to find whatever resource or solutions you need.

And you can do it with total confidence, knowing every one of them comes with Teddy’s stamp of approval.

A resource like this is literally priceless!

But we’re still not done…

FREE: Your Virtual CTO BONUS #3:
Teddy’s Custom Code Library
For the more advanced techie, this library contains Java Scripts and other code snippets that will let you perform advanced customization throughout your entire tech stack.

These are copy and paste code snippets written by Teddy himself and used in some of his most sophisticated tech solutions. They’ll let you enhance and customize your technology way beyond what it can do “out of the box.”

All the code scripts come with detailed explanations of what they do and the simple steps to implement them.

They’ll let you “hack” practically any area of your business like a professional coder. And turn your most basic tech solutions into a technology dream.

And finally, for anyone interested in the “business” of technology…
FREE: Your Virtual CTO BONUS #4:
Teddy’s Contract Proposals
An absolute bonanza for anyone who wants to make technology their business.

These are the same business proposals Teddy used himself to land some of his biggest clients. From Jay Abraham to Sally Hogshead to Dan Kennedy to Robert Allen.

They’ll show you how to determine and communicate your prospective client’s needs…

You’ll see how to structure deals to create win-win relationships…

You’ll discover how to establish performance milestones to avoid the pitfall of over-promising…

And more.

These proposals contain everything you need to start landing your dream clients—and wowing them with your rock star service!

No Book or Course Comes Close
to Your Virtual CTO…
Today technology is growing and changing at a lightning pace.  

With Teddy by your side, creating and updating content, you’ll always be on top of the latest developments and advances in marketing technology. Whether it’s the newest thing in email automation or the latest advances in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or bot technology.

You’ll be dialed in to the guy who eats, sleeps and breathes marketing tech.

An Objective Resource that Will Show You
the Right Solutions for YOUR Business
Software providers offer all kinds of free “coaching” too.

They’ll offer things like webinars, blog posts, training manuals and more. All promising to answer your tech questions.

There’s just one problem with that… Their goal is to push their solution.
That doesn’t make them bad.

But it limits you when it comes to implementing the best solution for your tech needs.

You see, your tech needs are unique. Depending on the type of business you have, the products or services you sell or the price points that you sell them at, one business’ tech needs can be dramatically different from another’s.

An eCommerce store that sells bodybuilding supplements for $20 has vastly different needs than the consultant who holds $10,000 training seminars.

And while every solution provider will try to tell you they’re right for you, the truth is no one solution can be best for everyone.

You need an OBJECTIVE approach to finding solutions for your needs.

With Your Virtual CTO you get a cross-market view of ALL the tech that’s out there. Whether it’s CRMs, landing pages, email providers or automation solutions, you’ll find exactly what you need to know on a range of solutions.

And how to put them all together so they’re a perfect fit for YOUR business.

This Might Be Your Only Chance To
 Master Marketing Technology With Teddy
Getting access to Teddy is hard. Extremely hard. 

His private clients combined with all the work he does for us here at Marketing Funnel Automation makes his free time extremely limited. And if you could manage to book an appointment with him, you’d have to make a serious investment.

Clients regularly shell out $12,500 for 2-day strategy sessions with him. 

And his retainer clients have spent over $100,000 a year to keep him on call to build custom solutions for them.

The bottom line: 1-on-1 access to Teddy is beyond the reach of most small business owners out there.

He knows this.

But he also knows that too many entrepreneurs’ dreams are crushed simply because they struggle with the overwhelm of technology today. (He struggled to figure it all out when he was just starting out too.)

That’s why he decided to create this one of a kind program. 

To share his decades of hands on experience with as many entrepreneurs as possible. 

Those who recognize the importance of technology in their business. 

And want to tap into his know-how to implement it.
Sign Up for Membership in Your Virtual CTO
When you join you’ll get instant access to everything Teddy has including:
  • Your Virtual CTO Tech Trainings — Video explanations and breakdowns of the most important software you need, all organized into the most important categories for your business.
  • Your Virtual CTO Deep Dive Strategy Sessions — Analysis of the most successful campaigns and powerful funnels that will let you plan and design the most powerful tech solutions.
  • Your Virtual CTO Process Library — A massive collection of checklists, guides and process maps to ensure you don’t miss a single key step when setting up your tech.
  • Your Virtual CTO Private Slack Group — Your private mastermind group to share ideas, ask and answer questions, and even brainstorm with Teddy 24/7 in this private forum.
Plus you’ll get all the FREE bonuses:
  • Teddy’s Tech Talks — Interviews and presentations from some of the most well known online business experts. Sharing their secrets so you can grow your business.
  • Teddy’s Done for You Database — Teddy’s personal list of connections and resources you can dive into to solve practically any tech problem. All vetted and stamped with Teddy’s seal of approval.
  • Teddy’s Private Code Library — Teddy’s cut and paste library of code snippets, scripts and hacks that will let you customize your entire tech stack to make it even more powerful.
  • Teddy’s Contract Proposals — For the aspiring tech businessperson, here’s how to land the clients of your dreams and make them love you!
Your Virtual CTO is a resource for demystifying technology like nothing else on the market.

It’ll show you the ins and outs of every aspect of business technology and how to make them work for you.

And virtually guarantee that no tech problem ever stops you again.

And here’s the best part…

You can join Your Virtual CTO at the charter rate of only $997 per month.

Right now, you can lock in access to Teddy’s years of experience and know-how for a tiny fraction of what you’d spend on consultants, a tech team or even the latest course.

Never Get Stopped By Tech Again
If you want to break through the technology barriers that are holding you back. And kick your business into high gear, so that it:

- Drives tons of traffic straight to your website—24/7…

- Gives you a constant stream of hungry, qualified leads opting in for your information…

- Constantly fills your inbox with new order alerts and confirmations and…

- Creates customers who aren’t just happy – but raving fans who become evangelists for your business…

Then you need the right technology to do it.

And here’s your opportunity to get it from one of the best in the business.
There’s No Risk to Check It Out
I’m 100% certain that membership in Your Virtual CTO will finally be what kicks your business technology into high gear. So it runs seamlessly, delivering you more prospects, leads and customers than ever before.

In fact, I’m so sure you’ve never seen anything like Your Virtual CTO… I’m going to take all the risk while you check it out.

Sign up for Your Virtual CTO membership today and start tapping into all the resources Teddy has waiting for you.

→ If you aren’t 1,000% convinced that there’s no other resource anywhere today that is as comprehensive and easy to use as this is…

→ If you don’t agree it’s the simplest, most straightforward way to break through the tech challenges holding you back and get your business moving forward at light speed…

→ If you don’t get a clear, actionable steps to start implementing whatever tech solutions you need right now AND see a dramatic boost in results from your current tech set up…

Simply let us know within your first 30 days of membership.

We’ll refund your initial membership fee in full. No questions asked.
(And you can always cancel your membership any time after. But I doubt you’ll want to!)

To start getting answers to all your tech questions, simply click the button below.

Get Your Membership Today!
Every day you aren’t plugged into Your Virtual CTO, your business is falling behind!

You’re wasting more and more of your valuable time.

You’re missing opportunities (that your competition is likely taking advantage of).

And worst of all you’re losing money.

Here’s the way to shatter any technology barrier that holds you back. The way to ramp up your “tech game” so you can:
  •  Slash the learning curve and implement the most sophisticated tech solutions faster and with more confidence in your results…
  •  Manage all your customer and prospect data more effectively so you can personalize and target your marketing with laser precision…
  •  Launch more products and earn more revenue while spending LESS time and money doing it…
This is your opportunity to completely change the way you do business.

And you can get it all for a ridiculously affordable investment. 

Stop struggling with tech and start reaping the rewards of owning a successful business.

Join Your Virtual CTO today!
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